Douglas Wylie, Ward 3



Douglas Wylie  was elected in April 2015 and re-elected in April 2017 as an UNCONTESTED candidate to serve as Ward 3 Alderman

Notable Quotes and Facts

  • Despite his 2017 vote against commercialized encroachment on residential areas next to his residence, Alderman Wylie voted in lock-step with the Parkville political machine to approve the massive I-435 development.  

    Just prior to his vote in favor of the I-435 proposal he took the opportunity to re-affirmed his discomfort with these types of developments.  

    In the case of Alderman Wylie, it appears the community of Parkville is best served by listening to what he does, not what he says.

  • In 2017 Mayor Nan Johnston and the Alderman approved another commercial development off Highway 45 and Melody Lane, despite objections from the nearby residents.  The development consisted of four retail buildings, including up to two fast food restaurants.

    Alderman Wylie, whose residence was located near the proposed development, cast the sole dissenting vote against it.

    He told the other Alderman that he felt the argument in support of the commercial development abutting residential developments — both inside and outside of Parkville — was not sound.

    “Parkville Heights has been there for 50 years and is located on an established, unimproved residential street,” Wylie said. “To have this kind of traffic coming onto Melody Lane does set a precedent.”

    He also argued that allowing this type of development efforts would open the door for other commercial encroachment on residential areas.   

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