Brian T. Whitley, Ward 2



Brian T. Whitley was elected in April 2017 as an UNCONTESTED candidate to serve as Ward 2 Alderman

Notable Quotes and Facts

Alderman Whitley is one of the Executive Committee Leaders of the Parkville Economic Development Council which boasts that Parkville is "a city that can support the largest new developments."

Notable electoral moments include:

  • He has served in an elected capacity since 2003. 
  • In 2008 he ran, unsuccessfully, to be a Council Member for Lee's Summit, MO
  • He was elected to Council Member in Lee's Summit, MO in 2010 through 2014.
  • He was elected to an Alderman in Parkvile, MO in 2017 as an uncontested candidate.
  • During the May 15th, 2018 Parkville Board of Alderman meeting, Brian suggested putting an intern to work on studying the financial pros and cons of annexing the Thousand Oaks development.

Recent articles regarding Brian's Tenure as an Alderman in Parkville:

Brian is publicly stated on social media "The public forum at City Hall provides an opportunity for all voices to be heard and appropriate responses to be provided, from all sides at the same time. 

I will continue to listen to the concerns of those on this group as long as I am allowed to remain a member; however, I will not comment further until any application(s) officially appear before the Board of Aldermen."  

However, shortly after his post, he attempted to make private contact with the members he was speaking to in the public forum.

Contact Information

Office Phone: (816) 741-7676

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